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Robots & Artificial Intelligence conference

Dear PhD students and young researchers from Alpes-Maritimes, AJC06 is pleased to invite you to its 2nd conference aiming to prepare the EYE2018.

The event will take place on

March 17, from 10.00 to 12.00

At Campus Valrose, Amphithéâtre de chimie, Bâtiment A

(Free registration/free drinks & snacks... secure your spot quickly, places are limited!)

Join this event to share your ideas and exchange with the experts!

Click here to register



Serge Miranda: Professor at University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (Technologies et services de l’information)

Frederic Precioso: Professor at University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (Laboratoire d'Informatique, Signaux et Systèmes de Sophia-Antipolis)

Nikita Lukianets: Founder, CTO @PocketConfidant AI



Robots and us: will they become our new assistants making our lives easier – or rivals taking our jobs away? Will they help or replace us?

The new force of machine learning and automation will not automatically move in the right direction.

We need to make hard political choices: What are your ideas to avoid unemployment and to turn higher productivity into benefits for all? Where will artificial intelligence and machine learning take us? Do we need to update data protection to the reality of an emerging robot economy?

Would you trust a self-driving car? What safety rules should Europe roll out for robots on the roads?



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